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Due to these unprecedented times with the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, we regret to inform you that Price Level Trading will be discontinued. Kristin and I will be pursuing our personal endeavors with trading, and our day jobs. Although there will not be anymore PLT, Kristin and I will be collaborating together in the future to continue to help new and experienced traders to be consistently profitable through our channels via YouTube, Instagram and more. We sincerely appreciate your support and trust in us to help guide you on your journey to be a consistently profitable trader. Just know that Kristin and I are there for you anytime you have questions or concerns about trading. We are here to help. Below is our contact information if you ever need to reach us: Brian Email: Website: Phone: (941) 779-7920 Kristin Email: Website: Phone: (727) 512-7343 We wish you all the best. Thank you again for being a part of PLT! Blessings and profits, Brian and Kristin

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