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What People Are Saying

"The team at Price Level Trading has taken my trading to the next level. I found that last missing piece of the puzzle in my trading that my previous trading room that I was a member could not provide. Thank you PLT for helping me lock in profits consistently!"

Melanie Witzel Flanagan

"PLT is all about price levels , Technical analysis coupled with here and now of the markets! PLT gives due importance to the fact that we are in twitter and news driven markets now and often times saved a lot of pain by keeping track of Fed speak and other important news that affects the markets!"

Asha K.

Brian is a hard-working, knowledgeable, honest and diligent young man who puts the needs of his clients first.

Linda Bear

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract or commitment?

No, there are no contracts, commitments or obligations. There are no fees or additional charges of any kind. All subscriptions are month to month, and can be canceled at anytime by accessing your profile.

Will I receive exact buy and sell signals?

No - we do not provide exact signals. The live day trading room focuses on analysis, levels, news and discussing our own ideas. By following along for the first 1-2 weeks, you will get a feel for the market and gain the confidence to find and execute your own trades. Our philosophy is to teach you how to fish!

What do you trade in the live room?

Mostly we trade equity futures: S&P 500 (ES), Nasdaq 100 (NQ), and Russell 2000 (RTY). Occasionally we will look at trading oil (CL) and gold (GC).

Who will answer my questions during the live webinar?

The live trading room is very interactive and supportive. Between Brian and Kristin, one of them will personally answer your questions, sometimes as a group response.

Are your trades intraday, daily, weekly or monthly?

We focus primarily on day trading futures, i.e. buying and selling in the same day. However, in our Facebook group we do discuss swing trading ideas that are more long-term focused such as a 2-4 weeks to several months.

How many trades do you take on a daily basis?

The number of trades we take ranges based on what's happening in the market. But typically we see 1-3 solid trade setups per day. On stronger trending days, or when we recognize price is in a range, we may take up to 10 trades.

Are traders using live capital?

Every member is at different part in their journey through the marketplace so some traders might still be on simulation with plans to move to live capital shortly. Either way every day is an opportunity to improve your trading.

Can I see your trading results before I join?

Join the room and watch the live results in action ;).

What is your winning rate on ES & NQ?

Typically we see a daily win rate on ES and NQ between 50%-70%. However, we focus more on finding solid risk:reward setups with a potential profit of 3R+ (three times our risk).

Can one earn a living or become a funded trader through your program?