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30 Day Futures Trading Boot Camp

How to Become an
Elite Futures Trader
from Our 30-Day Boot Camp

Boot Camp Level: Complete beginner to advanced

Boot Camp Goal: Successful Traders

Boot Camp Length: 30 Days

Boot Camp Format: E-Learning Platform learn anytime, anywhere

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On April 7, 2020
Limited to 10 students

What is it?

Price Level Trading Boot Camp is a 30-day online course with quizzes at the end of each session, live Q&A calls and a community of traders. It is designed to help you become a confident and successful futures trader step-by-step.

How does it work?

You attend the live sessions, complete the action items using the provided tools and templates. Ask questions during the live Q&A calls or in the private member community. Simply follow our process and obtain results.

Who is it for?

This boot camp is for committed individuals who want to become successful at futures trading. The boot camp is suitable for anyone, regardless if you are a complete beginner or an advanced trader. But success in trading requires you to put in the work, study and screen time!

What do I need to get started?

All you need are a laptop, internet connection and commitment.

Why did we create this boot camp?

We created this boot camp because other trainings are extremely expensive and include a lot of "fluff" rather than just keeping it simple. Also to customize the education to your trading style and personality!

Where does it happen?

Price Level Trading's Boot Camp is online and consists of live training sessions, quizzes, tools, live Q&A calls and a community once per quarter (4 times per year). If you are unable to attend a live session - don't worry. We record everything so that you can have LIFETIME access through our dashboard.

How We Compare to Other Trainings

Price Level Trading

Connects the dots on how the market works, perfect for different style traders

Demonstrates to students how to find a trading style to suit their personality

Provides all tools for SUCCESS in the markets with realistic approach and realistic results

Other Trainings

Overpriced and under delivering on straight to the point information

Too much "fluff", AKA selling you on lifestyle, cars, and other materialistic stuff to get rich quick

Not accommodating for different trading styles and personalities

What You Will Get

With Your Enrollment

Lifetime access to all live and recorded boot camp sessions that teaches you all you need to know from a beginner to a seasoned veteran!

Interactive quizzes provided after each session to reinforce your knowledge.

Lifetime access to our trading community to interact with other trades, ask questions and grow!

60 day pass to our Live Trading Room to help you apply what you are learning.

Q&A sessions from Brian and Kristin to answer any questions you may have.

Trading journal to help you keep track of your trades and evaluate your progress.

We help you determine your unique trading style from a scalper to a position trader.

A complete reprogramming of your sub-conscious mind to defend against emotions while trading.

Full Boot Camp Outline


In this lesson we will get to know the instructors, discuss the topics in the Boot Camp and what to expect.

Lesson 1.1 - Trading Introduction

In this lesson we will be covering the basics from what is the Stock Market, common lingo to know, bullish and bearish markets, market participants and much more!

Lesson 1.2 - Futures Crash Course

In this lesson we will dive head first into the world of futures trading by covering what are futures contracts, instruments we trade with their risk value, expiry months, impact of geopolitical events, time-frames, tax advantages and more!

Lesson 2 - Broker + Trading Platform

In this lesson we will dive into how to setup a brokerage account with AMP Futures, use the ThinkOrSwim platform to do our technical analysis, and how to place orders in Sierra Chart or TradingView!

Lesson 3 - Market Structure

In this lesson we will cover one of the most powerful technical analysis concepts that will help you identify bullish and bearish trading opportunities!

Lesson 4 - Candlestick Patterns

In this lesson we will expand upon market structure by looking at candlestick patterns to gain an in depth look into what the market participants are doing. We will cover the following bullish and bearish patterns: engulfing, piercing, hammer, shooting star, morning and evening star, doji and more!

Lesson 5 - Chart Patterns

Lesson 5 covers top and V-bottom patterns, Head and shoulders patterns, Triangle patterns, Flag and pennant patterns, Cup and handle pattern, Wedge pattern, and our favorite the Goofy Foot W pattern with real examples.

Lesson 6 - Price Action

Lesson 6 combines market structure, candlestick patterns, and chart patterns to identify price action levels like a pro using multi-timeframe analysis along with the tick chart. By the end of this lesson you will be able to identify price levels for long and short trading opportunities!

Lesson 7 - Technical Indicators

Lesson 7 covers technical indicators and their application. We will cover RSI, MACD, fibonacci retracements, TTM squeeze, DMI, moving averages, ATR and VWAP.

Lesson 8 - Capital Defense Management

Lesson 8 is all about Capital Defense Management AKA RISK MANAGEMENT! We will talk about risk to reward ratio, position sizing, capital defense management rules, scaling plan, and creating a money management plan.

Lesson 9 - Rhythm of the Marketplace

Coming soon!

Lesson 10 - Day Trading Strategies 

In lesson 10, we will dive into several day trading setups such as bull and bear flag setup, opening range breakout setup, morning gap setup, pullback or slingshot time-frame, European market close time-frame and more!

Lesson 11 - Trade Management

In lesson 11, we will talk in depth about how to identify entry and exit points, trail our stop to lock in profits or reduce risk, scaling in and out, and keeping losses to a minimum per our trading plan!

Lesson 12 - Trading Psychology

Lesson 12 is one of the most powerful lessons on reprogramming your sub-conscious mind using NLP techniques, and building a positive mindset through meditation, affirmations and goal setting.

Lesson 13 - Trading Plan and Checklist

In lesson 13 we will work on creating a trading plan and trading checklist that suits your style of trading from our provided templates.

Lesson 14 - 10 Commandments of Trading

Lesson 14 is short and to the point: commandments to live and die by as a trader in order for you to be a consistently profitable trader!

Lesson 15 - Go LIVE!

You made it through our intensive boot camp and it's time to put all your knowledge and practice into action by trading live capital. We close out this boot camp with several pieces of advice to ensure your success as a profitable trader!

What People Are Saying

"The team at Price Level Trading has taken my trading to the next level. I found that last missing piece of the puzzle in my trading that my previous trading room that I was a member could not provide. Thank you PLT for helping me lock in profits consistently!"

Melanie Witzel Flanagan

"PLT is all about price levels , Technical analysis coupled with here and now of the markets! PLT gives due importance to the fact that we are in twitter and news driven markets now and often times saved a lot of pain by keeping track of Fed speak and other important news that affects the markets!"

Asha K.

Brian is a hard-working, knowledgeable, honest and diligent young man who puts the needs of his clients first.

Linda Bear

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