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Futures Trading Super Woman - Aimee Blood

I am an enthusiastic storyteller, a dreamer, and an amateur self-proclaimed stand-up comedian. I have even been called the foremost expert of my own opinion... (by an individual whose identity will stay anonymous, but the initials of said person may be A.B.).
But more than any of these aforementioned skills, I am a multi-faceted caretaker. A nurse for over a decade, I have extensive experience caring for the physical and emotional well-being of others and have loved every moment of it. So. Why exactly then is a nurse trading/teaching the stock market? I am glad you asked! My interest in the stock market goes back to my childhood. I was always interested in business and how business worked. The older I became, the more conflicted I was in what I wanted to do with my life. I was always interested in business and starting all sorts of random businesses as a child, but also felt a truly compelling calling for helping others. When it came time to decide what I actually wanted to do with my life at the ripe old age of 17, my decision was that I did not want to decide. So, I enrolled and subsequently graduated with a BSN (Bachelor's Degree in Nursing) and ALSO a Business-to-Business Marketing degree.
Did I mention that at the age of 19, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy? Grateful for him every day of his life, but boy do I tell him every day now as an almost-adult, that I chose the harder route for SURE. But hey, what doesn't kill us makes us so much stronger, right? As a non-traditional college student with a baby, I was even more determined at this point that I was GOING to succeed in my life. I was going to provide for my little family and I was going to show him how to persevere through the hardest of times and demonstrate the importance of not giving up on our dreams! I went on to work very hard as a young nurse in many different ways, but never gave up on my dream that I would become a student of the stock market. When my daughter was born a few years later, I decided it was time to start dipping my toes in....I started researching companies and learning all about how the stock market actually worked. I will never forget my first chart I looked at- Sirius XM during their merger. Much like your first kiss, it was something I will never forget.
Fast-forward over a decade and my time spent in the stock market has been slowly increasing from that "first kiss" to now a full-time trader/educator that still works in the hospital per diem. I am living my life-long dream of being in charge of my own schedule, being my own boss, & still being able to care for individuals healthcare. Only now, I have the distinct honor of being a caretaker and healer of many hats: physical health, financial health, & psychological/mental health- both in healthcare and trading. I have experience helping people heal from losses of all kinds. From devastating physical loss of a limb to blowing out an account loss. We've all been there. The most important thing is not what has already happened, but rather what you do after it. These are the ultimate valuable experiences that you cannot cannot take back... So, what do you do? Do you persevere? Do you not give up? Do you use it as the ultimate mind blowingly valuable lesson that failure is not an option for yourself and that you will work that much harder to make those goals your reality? I hope you know the only answer allowed here is "yes". Even if it is a delayed yes, that is okay! You deserve to fight for your dream even if you took a sabbatical prior to getting to this point. The point is that you are here now!
Trading is 90% mental. Do not let one person tell you differently. Go for your dreams. It doesn't matter your situation. It doesn't matter your wealth, your health, your support... All that matters is your dedication, drive, gorgeous positivity, willingness to put in the work, & belief in yourself. You can do anything you want to do. Do not let any single person tell you differently!

We have fortuitously (at first), then purposefully completed in bringing together some sort of ridiculously amazing group of traders. We grow from each other. We support each other, notwithstanding our idiosyncrasies, and constantly push each other to achieve greatness! We have a group of so many engaged, skilled traders who go the extra mile to be part of this team and provide superior trading insight while also a fun environment!
Do you have a story too? Do you have other questions or comments for me? Reach out to me via email at, on Twitter, Facebook, Stocktwits, or Instagram. BETTER YET, join Price Level Trading (PLT) and join us in Slack for up-to-the-minute trade ideas, trading psychology help, automated trading bots, proprietary signal oscillators, proprietary timeframe trading, futures trading, swing trading, options trading, crypto, live interactive trading room, and more other benefits than I can even list here!
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