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Crypto Genius - Tony Marchiori

My name is Tony Marchiori, and I aspire to bring success, prosperity, abundance, and wealth to the world! If I were to describe myself in three words I would say: committed, curious, and loving. I enjoy reading, driving, and of course...TRADING! I strongly believe that we are here on earth to help one another, manifest our wildest dreams, and create a better world together. And this is exactly why I decided to help create Price Level Trading, so we can do just that!

Let me elaborate some more on my trading background.

In 2013 I was first introduced to the stock market by a family friend, as I listened to him discuss his stock investments in Verizon, Apple, and Waste Management to name a few. I was intrigued to learn you could get returns in the single and sometimes double digits Y/Y as opposed to the 0.25% return my savings account yielded me. Immediately the stock market grabbed my interest! For several years I would read investment and business books, but it wasn't until high school, that I started extensively studying and researching the stock market, and day trading specifically.

I made it my goal to one day work for one of the large banks or hedge funds and become a professional stock trader. I opened my 1st live trading account as a junior in high school, when I began day trading before, during, and sometimes instead of my classes. Let me add that I was completely self taught with no mentor, guru, or anyone’s advice besides my I failed, failed, and failed again. I made mistake after mistake through the learning curve many new traders experience themselves. Yet I continued and had decent success thanks to the bull market in ‘16 and ‘17.

In the fall of 2017 I attended the University of Iowa as a major in Finance. I was thrilled to finally learn from professors and begin my official trading education. Also I was eager to be surrounded by like minded individuals who shared my same passion. So i would never of believed you if you had told me it would be my 1st and last semester. But we’ll get back to this. I was day trading the US equities market around my class schedule, and I finally began trading options!

While I was now having consistent success with my option trading, I couldn't help but take interest in the cryptocurrency craze. Like everyone else I jumped into the market head first and joined the bull run. We all know how that story went...Luckily I was able to book some profits before the end of 2017 and change the course of my life forever.

After this I couldn't waste another moment at a place that had no interest in my actual education and only valued the massive tuition I was paying them. I knew I wanted to be a full time trader, and that I wasn't going to learn that from people who had never done it themselves. Again, I made the plunge, and began trading full time. The PLT team, before we knew it would be that, always aspired to help educate others, and share the abundant life that the markets can provide. I am happy to be apart of Price Level Trading, and in empowering individuals toward self mastery and financial freedom!

Hope to see you all in the Live Day Trading Room and Cryptocurreny Mastermind!

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