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Brian's Background and Why He Started PLT with Kristin

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! Kristin and I are stoked that you are interested in joining PLT to make some extra cash each month from the market. Currently residing in San Diego, CA, I consider myself a huge nerd 🤓. Ocean engineering by traditional education, and now a self-taught software developer at Intuit.

I've been day trading consistently for around 2 years, but have been involved in the markets for over 5 years. Not going to sugarcoat it: the journey has been a full of many setbacks, but having the perseverance to fight through the struggles has been worth it to create an additional income from the stock market. Our main mission is to help you do the same!

When I'm not surfing with the bots, I'm surfing in the ocean with my friends, planning my next surf trip and taking care of my new 4 month old puppy, Roxy, who my girlfriend and I rescued from Mexico.

See you in the Live Trading Room!

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