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How to Open and Fund a Brokerage Account with AMP Futures

The brokerage account that Kristin and I use is with AMP Futures. We have a lot of reasons why we love AMP besides their awesome customer service, which include:

  • No monthly inactivity fees.
  • $500 account minimum and $400 day trading margins for minis.
  • $100 account minimum and $40 day trading margins for micros.
  • Extremely low commissions (round trip ~$4 for minis and ~$0.70 per contract).
  • CQG data feed.
  • Free trading platforms to connect data feed.

Let's go through the steps in detail for how to open up a brokerage account with AMP. You can also view the video if you prefer learning in that format.

Head to AMP's Website

You can navigate to AMP's website by clicking here. Next make sure to click the green button at the top of the page as shown in the image below.

Navigate to

Next click Open Account Now.

Click Open Account Now.

Select the Account Type. For most people, especially new traders, this will be Individual. However, if you have structured your trading as a business then consult with your accountant to see what the best option is for you. After selecting Account Type and reading the Risk Disclosure Statement, scroll down to the bottom and click Begin Application.

AMP Begin Application

Simply fill out all the required information then submit. You will receive a confirmation email that your application is being processed, and then when your account is ready to be funded.

Fill out required information for AMP Futures account.

Funding Your New Account

Login to your account here and click Wiring Instructions under the Banking tab.

AMP Futures wiring instructions.

A new page will open that takes you to AMP's Funding Instructions. Follow the instructions for sending money via wire, ACH or check. Note for the first two you can set up a transfer directly with your personal bank to make things easier.

That's it! The next article we will talk about how to setup a live data feed to CQG using your AMP account.

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